Who’s Having The Longest (& Shortest) Sex In America?

Sex_Duration_FINALIllustration Courtesy Of Nerve.
Data collection is everywhere these days. Enormous amounts of information about all of us are gathered daily — while we're exercising, while we're shopping, even while we're sleeping. Now, though, a cleverly named new app called Spreadsheets wants to collect data while you're, well, banging.
The app uses your phone's accelerometer and microphone to gather and record information about the time you spend between your sheets. Everything from decibel levels to thrusts-per-minute are amassed and then converted into slick charts for later viewing.
One by-product of this snazzy new boudoir tech: You can now find out just how your sexy time stacks up compared to everyone else's. The folks at Nerve have made a nifty map incorporating Spreadsheets' data on the average length of a boom-boom session across America. New Mexico comes in with a marathon average of over seven minutes, while Alaskans are apparently more gifted as sprinters, with an average time of 1:21. Click through to see how your state ranks.
On a more serious note, though, we kind of like the way the app is being positioned as a way for couples to keep apprised of the trends in their sex life (or lack thereof). Using the app and looking at the data together could be a minimally awkward way to navigate potentially treacherous conversations. After all, numbers don't lie.
Click over to Nerve for the full story.

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