How Helping Injured Bicyclists Got This S.F. Man Cuffed

mainDesigned by Emily Kowzan.
They say no good deed goes unpunished, and nobody knows this better than Peretz Partensky. If you recall, the startup founder came to the aid of two injured bicyclists in S.F.'s SoMa 'hood this summer by calling for emergency medical assistance. When the police arrived on the scene, not only did Partensky not get the standard pat on the back, he endured a night that, for most of us, exists only in nightmares.
According to Partensky, officers Kaur and Derkin of the San Francisco Police Department quickly took an unwarranted disliking to him. Without pretense, the pair proceeded to cuff him, stomp on his hands, and knee him in the temple, only to leave him face down on the pavement. He was never read his Miranda rights or told of his charge. Later on, when left to sit in jail, Partensky requested several times to see a doctor. Fed up with his repeated appeal for medical treatment, officers would lead him into solitary confinement, (after stripping his clothes), where he was forced to stay overnight and well into the next morning.
This incident was a gross injustice in our local legal system. Justly so, Partensky decided that instead of staying mum about the ordeal, he would document the entire account for us to be aware of what a simple act of kindness could lead to. Read his full account and learn his tips to avoiding a night in a cell, and why, unfortunately, you might want to take 911 off your speed dial. (Medium)