Behold Frozen, The Feline Edition

It's that traditional time of year when animated features set in frosty but adorable settings brighten the post-holiday spirits of kids and adults alike. But while Happy Feet and Ice Age had their moments, Frozen is being hailed as one of the best animated films ever. Props to Disney for bringing a classic Hans Christian Andersen tale, The Snow Queen, to life, for introducing young audiences to the stunning natural wonders of the Nordic polar region, and of course, for keeping Kristen Bell in our lives. No question, Frozen is dominating every level of pop culture right now, and that can indicate only one thing: The time has come for kittens to cash in on it, too. Hot on the heels of The Hunger Games furry, viral "Catniss" video and Girls all-kitten-ensemble tribute, Frozen's special feline treatment has finally arrived. Behold! Kittens reenact the perilous crusades of Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and Kristoff as they navigate an endless winter and intense sibling issues. Watch the fearless kitties below.

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