So THIS Is Why Your Muscles Hurt In Cold Weather

IMG_4601Photographed by Jens Ingvarsson.
Ah, the polar vortex. That pesky dip in temperatures making many of our daily tasks all the more annoying. With near-zero temperatures, outdoor workouts seem almost out of the question. But, for those who have held steady to their workout regimens despite frosty weather, here's the low-down on exercising in the cold.
In a report on CNN's health blog, experts described that muscles lose heat and contract in colder temps, causing tightness. So, to override this increase in tightness, muscles have to work much harder to handle the tasks they can take on in milder weather. To get around this and keep your body healthy, physical therapist Amy McDowell recommends lengthening your warm-up period. Its suggested that your warm-up include a mix of exercises and stretches to be most effective. Try push-ups, squats, and bicycle crunches, and then switch to stretching out the hamstrings, quadriceps, chest, and shoulders. To prevent muscle soreness, it's recommended that you extend your cool down, as well. For more cold-weather workout tips, head over to CNN. (CNN)

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