The Shining Twins Are All Grown Up & Not Remotely Scary

shiningPhoto: Courtesy of Warner Brothers.
There are some film characters that lodge in your brain long after the movie credits roll. One such example are the Grady sisters, a.k.a. the creepy and very dead 11-year-old twins from the cult horror movie, The Shining.
The image of the identical sisters dressed in matching dresses and white knee socks, quietly and insistently asking Danny to: “Come play with us, Danny, for ever and ever,” is the stuff of night terrors.
But, Digital Spy is on hand to show us that actually Louise and Lisa Burns, who played the monstrous twosome, are fine. Nay, they're alive and well and very much grown up! The sisters were snapped this week at the British Film Institute’s 50th anniversary screening of Stanley Kubrick’s seminal work, Dr. Strangelove. We’re pleased to hear that both women decided not to pursue a career in Hollywood. Louise became a microbiologist, and Lisa studied literature at university.
If you want to exorcise some demons learn more about the sisters, you should start following their Twitter feed, @Shining_twins (how apt), where the two appear to answer any question their fans want to ask. Looks like it's time to brush up on our Kubrick film trivia. (Digital Spy)
ShiningPhoto: Via Digital Spy.

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