Is A Netflix Price Hike Coming For Us?

netflixPhoto: Courtesy of Netflix.
At $7.99 a month, 30 days of endless streaming on Netflix costs less than every Seamless order you ever placed. It's like, hands down, the best deal on the wild, wild Web. But, now that the once-floundering mail-order movie service has completed its butterfly metamorphosis to big-shot TV studio, it knows its worth. And, it might start charging for it.
Yes, last week, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings described pricing options for new subscribers, which would offer a “good, better, best" tiered-fee structure, allowing customers to pick their poison. So, while the "good" price may very well hover around the $7 to $8 mark, we don't yet know what "good" means when "better" and "best" are casting a shadow. At the very least, we suspect it will be Netflix without original programming like House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black, but it will probably also rule out newer shows or episodes. Or — who knows — it could just mean no 30 Rock reruns, but then it will need an "awful" tier.
For now, though, nothing's changing. Unless you're in Ireland and not a current subscriber, and in that case, everything's changing by a euro. There, Netflix is running an "experiment" by charging new customers €7.99 ($10.94) for unlimited streaming while their already-subscribing brethren pay €6.99. Which, really, if you watch Netflix even half as much as we do is still a real steal. After all, what's an extra dollar/euro among TV friends? (Uproxx)

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