Old Spice Has A Hilarious New Ad Campaign

If you're looking for a fast way to cure a case of the Mondays, then you've got to check out Old Spice's hilarious new ad campaign. But, don't look for a strapping Isaiah Mustafa (the shirtless Adonis you know so well) trying to get you hooked on a deodorant that smells like sea breeze. The brand has a new hair-care line that promises "hair that gets results." Of course, in true Old Spice-style, the outcome from using these products goes beyond shiny tresses. Mashable posted the commercial below, in which a man's hair literally crawls off his head and across a boardroom table to grab a coworker's phone number. So, basically the message is "use these products and you're going to get all the chicks" kind of thing.
The second commercial posted was even more bizarre. This time, the mop of hair mans one of those carnival crane games, resulting in an ultimate prize for his date: a live baby. Sure, they're weird — but you can bet your bippy you won't forget that Old Spice now sells shampoo and conditioner. (Mashable)

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