Rachel McAdams Reveals Her Favorite Lines From Mean Girls

There aren't too many gals that don't love the movie Mean Girls (the syrupy sweet variety included). There's just something about watching all that wonderful cattiness that takes us back to high school — minus the trig homework, thank goodness. So, we can understand why a reporter would want chat with Rachel McAdams (a.k.a. Regina George) about her favorite lines from the movie (it's been 10 years since its release).
If you watch the interview below, you'll notice that McAdams seems a bit caught off guard by the question. After all, she just finished gushing about her latest film, A Most Wanted Man, which made its debut at Sundance. Why would she want to talk about bringing "fetch" back? Even so, the starlet was polite enough to play along, and listed "Is butter a carb?" as one of her most memorable quotes. Oh, and of course McAdams talked about the classic Gretchen Wieners Toaster Strudel line. We couldn't agree more with her choices. Don't judge if we're once again streaming the cult favorite on Netflix tonight. (BuzzFeed)

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