Allure Launches Special Hair Issue; Our Locks Rejoice

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In the New Year, it's tempting to want to makeover your life — and, while that's a noble endeavor and all, we're going to be starting our total revamp with one very key item: Our hair. And, getting our locks into tip-top shape will be a total cinch with the help of Allure's latest pub: A special issue that's essentially the Bible of good hair.
Helpfully organized by look (blowouts, ponytails, braids, etc.), this special issue makes it easy to find new ways to work your 'do. Packed with tips, tricks, products, and oodles of crazy-inspiring images (exhibit A: this photo of a nude Karlie Kloss with crazy-voluminous waves), this tome is the only tool you need to find hair nirvana in 2014.
We caught up with Allure's executive editor, Kristin Perrotta, who told us about the inspiration behind the issue — and which look she'll be snagging for herself.
How did the idea for Allure Hair come about? Why do you think it was worth it to create an issue completely devoted to hair?
"Hair is a deeply emotional issue for women. Studies have shown that women experience a boost in energy, confidence, and optimism just from changing their hair. And, of course, we all know what a bad hair day can do….ruin your whole day. And, according to studies, impact your ability to concentrate and complete tasks. Hair's a big deal in women's lives, and it's also consistently a top search term on and a big draw as a cover line in the issues. So, creating an all-hair issue was a no-brainer. Linda and I knew we'd hit on a winning idea when we told the staff about it and they started flipping out with excitement. Even in writing and editing the issue, the staff participation was epic. We tested out every style, over and over again, on ourselves to be sure that the instructions were clear and correct. And you wouldn't believe how into it our editors and assistants got. The Allure offices were a makeshift salon for about three months."
What are some of your favorite looks and tips from the issue? Which hair looks are you the most excited about for spring?
"I'm obsessed with the Tousled Waves look on page 46 — it's Daria Werbowy with this really sexy and cool 80s-style rumpled bob. It's a gorgeous look and it feels so right now. I also really love the Braided Bun look on page 102. Braids are so popular, and this is a pretty, romantic way to incorporate braids into a soft updo. It's an incredibly feminine style that looks really difficult, but is surprisingly easy. (In addition to the step-by-step instructions in the issue, we have a how-to video for this look with stylist Matt Fugate that you can watch by scanning a tag on the page.)"
Are there any tips specifically for women with curly and/or natural hair in the issue? If so, can you share one of them?
"Yes — we've got an entire chapter on curly and wavy styles, including ways for women with naturally curly hair to get the most out of their texture. One of the best lessons is from Tippi Shorter, who is Solange Knowles's hairstylist — it's the exact routine Solange uses to get her gorgeous big and voluminous style. But I think one of my favorite tips in the chapter is one of the easiest ones: To revive curls and waves when they start to crap out on you, just dampen your hands with water, grab sections of hair midway down, and scrunch. (You want to stick to that midway point because scrunching the ends can make them puffy and frizzy.) The water reactivates the products in your hair and, once it dries, gives you back all the bounce you'd lost."
What's your own hairstyling routine like? What would you like to learn to do with your own locks?
"I have the worst hair — it's stick straight but puffy and frizzy. So my styling routine is an absolute nightmare. I basically shower with total dread knowing that I am going to have to deal with my awful hair afterward. My routine in a nutshell: A painstaking blowout that usually ends up looking like garbage, so then I go over my hair, section by section, with a flat iron to smooth it. In case you're wondering — yes, I have incredibly damaged hair from all the flat ironing. But I'm addicted because it's the only way I am able to beat the puff."
Who do you think has the best hair in Hollywood, and why?
"Julia Roberts, hands down. She has such gorgeous texture; her hair is so thick and lush, and there's just so much of it. I'm from New Jersey, so I'm naturally attracted to hair with a bigness quality. It's in my blood."
cover-embedPhoto: Courtesy of Allure.

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