The '14 Oscars: The Good, Bad, & Snubs

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Not much could get us up before the sun besides the Oscar nominations announcement. We know that the element of surprise was all but nonexistent thanks to last week's Golden Globes, but there's still such an excitement around the Academy Awards. After all, it's The Big One. It's our opinion that the actual winners matter much less than the group of nominees as a whole — it's fascinating to see a snapshot of the year's best in one glance. And, it's not like Argo's Best Picture grab has stopped anyone from talking about the virtues of, say, Zero Dark Thirty.
But, it is, after all, a contest, so it would be silly not to muse a little bit over the possible results. Ahead, we're giving you our two cents on what went down this morning.
The Snubs
Tom Hanks, Tom Hanks, Tom Hanks. The actor was the emotional heart of Captain Phillips, and despite the flick being honored in the best picture and adapted screenplay categories, Hanks was overlooked. Robert Redford was also left out of the Best Actor category despite his solo performance in All Is Lost. We were also sad to see Fruitvale Station completely left out of the fold — first-time writer/director Ryan Coogler and leading man Michael B. Jordan did an outstanding job telling the tale of Oscar Grant's final day.
The First-Timers
Is there anything more heartwarming than a first-time Oscar nominee? We still get a lump in our throat thinking about watching Jeremy Renner's reaction as he learned about his nod for Hurt Locker live on the Today Show. This time around, Barkhad Abdi, a limo driver living in Minnesota, is getting recognition for his role as the lead pirate in Captain Phillips — not only is this his first time in a movie, but this is his first time acting ever. There's a very slim chance he's going to win, but that's pretty much a moot point.
Best Picture
This category is filled with things the Academy loves — namely, underdog stories and David O. Russell. We were frankly surprised when American Hustle didn't take home the Globe simply because of the Academy's affinity for Russell, so this award could go anywhere. We'd love to see Nebraska or Dallas Buyers Club take it — victory for the (slightly) little guy!
Best Actor In A Lead Role
Matthew McConaughey literally risked his health to play Ron Woodruff, so it's pretty hard not to give him the win. That said, we're still harboring some resentment from Leo's epic Titanic snub and we think it's high time he gets redemption.
Best Actor In A Supporting Role
Can we take a second to talk about Jonah Hill being a two-time Oscar nominee? We feel like a proud aunt. We don't anticipate him actually taking home a statue — Wolf of Wall Street is just a wee-bit over the top to please the majority of voters — but, as cliché as it is, it's an honor just to be nominated. Instead, we see this going to Michael Fassbender (for 12 Years A Slave) or Jared Leto.
Best Actress In A Lead Role
This might be one of the strongest groups we've seen in awhile. Amy Adams! Cate Blanchett! Sandy Bullock! Judi Dench! And, of course, Lady Meryl. All amazing actresses, all Academy gold. In our opinion, this category is wide open, and we wouldn't be surprised with any result. That said, we're probably pulling for Meryl because, well, it's Meryl.
Best Actress In A Supporting Role
We're probably one of the biggest Lupita Nyong'o fans around. Not only was she fantastically tragic in 12 Years A Slave, but she's such a ray of light in Hollywood. Just look at her Instagram for crying out loud. But, really, this award is probably going to go to Jennifer Lawrence, because the Academy just can't say no to J Lawr.
We want to hear from you! Let us know who you would like to see take home the Oscars come March 2.

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