Zach Galifianakis & Louis C.K. Are Teaming Up, This Is Not A Misprint

WebPhoto: Picture Perfect/REX USA; Rex USA.
It looks like the comedy gods have finally decided to reward us for that time we helped Jerry Seinfeld's elderly aunt carry home her groceries. And, what a reward it is.
Today, we learned that Zach Galifianakis will be making a pilot for FX with none other than Louis C.K. serving as co-writer and executive producer. It will also mark the first series from C.K., under the new production deal he signed with the network. C.K. has already helped turn FX into one of the most desirable landing spots for comedians, thanks to his wildly popular show Louie. The network has been applauded for giving the comedian complete autonomy to create his dark masterpiece, so it's no wonder that Galifianakis, who has some notoriously twisted comedic sensibilities of his own, was lured to the network.
We still have no inkling of what the show might be about. But, if Galifiankis, who's one of the biggest movie stars out there, decides to do TV, it's most likely because he was promised full and utter control. And boy oh boy, is that ever a good thing. (Vulture)

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