The Cubs Have A New Mascot, & Not Everyone Is Pleased

embPhoto: Courtesy of @ClarkTheCub.
Forget about the upcoming spring training schedule. Fox Sports reported that the Chicago Cubs have been putting their attention toward more important matters: a new mascot. Meet Clark the Cub, a somewhat goofy (yet cute) looking character who already has fans in an uproar — no pun intended. Folks have been sharing their dislike for the fuzzy fella with tweets to Clark (yes, he has a Twitter account) like "this is the worst mascot in professional sports. The consulting firm that came up with this should be sued." Yikes!
But, admittedly, Clark's own tweet probably didn't help him win too many votes. "Still figryuing out how 2 tyype with these big pawz. Will gett lessons from @Cubs. Come back soon!!" But, at the same time, Clark is just a mascot folks. And, look at it this way: He'll entertain all the kiddies so that you can focus on the game. (Fox Sports)

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