A Royals Parody For 30-Somethings

You've probably caught everyone from the mailman to your coworker humming the catchy tune Royals from New-Zealand singer-songwriter Lorde. You know, the little ditty where Lorde states "we'll never be royals," yet talks about becoming a queen and ruling. Hey, even if everybody's not like Cristal, most are in agreement that this song rocks.
But, forget about flashy cars, expensive booze, and gorgeous threads for a moment. Buzzfeed posted a hilarious parody of Royals — written and performed by L.A.-based aspiring comedian Molly Dworsky — about the reality of life for those who aren't, you know, teenage millionaires. We're talking about kids, a mortgage, and yes, gray pubic hairs — "woah, so old, woah..." Even if you are too young to identify with it, it will still be a surefire way to cure a case of the Mondays. Check it out below, and click on over to read the lyrics in full, if you're in the mood to be laughing but also maybe crying a little bit at the same time. (Buzzfeed)

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