Frozen Lake Michigan: Your Insta Isn't Worth It

2Photo: Via Instagram/@marina__darling.
The Polar Vortex took its toll across the country this week, but Chicago had an especially snowy and icy time of it. As a result, you've probably noticed the massive amounts of ice on a frozen Lake Michigan. To be sure, it makes for one heck of an Instagram pic. But, venturing out onto the ice for said pic may not be worth the clever hashtag you've got planned. Officials are warning that, though the ice is at times one-foot thick, it can melt to just two inches, making for a serious hazard if you walk on it.
If you are out in icy conditions, the Coast Guard has some tips to prepare in the case of an accident. First, know the weather conditions and how to call for help from where you're going. If you happen to fall through the ice, remain upright (if it's safe to do so) to give rescuers a bigger target to locate you. You should also wear extra clothing to prevent hypothermia by dressing for the water temperature — not the air temperature. Wear retro-reflective clothing at night, and become acquainted with polypropylene thermals. And, if possible, carry equipment with you, like a screw driver or ice pick, and a marine radio. Most importantly, though, just take your pictures from a distance. There is no filter that can mask the embarrassment (and danger) of having fallen through the ice. (DNAinfo)

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