Meet Him, The Necessary Her Parody

Life is a series of contrasts: black/white, hot/cold, love/hate, him/her. It was only a matter of time before some clever mind out there whipped up the yang to Spike Jonze's Her ying.
Meet Olivia. She's the female equivalent to Joaquin Phoenix's Theodore Twombly — and she's lonely. So, she decides to download the latest OS update to her computer and subsequent gadgets. With this being a parody and all, no sultry Scarlett Johansson voice breaks the awkward download silence. Instead, there's Bert. He's a gassy bro here to simply help Olivia's life be a little more manageable. And, just like the movie, Olivia falls head-over-heels for her OS.
Bert, however, is far more of a realist than Johansson's Sam character, and tries his best to bro-ify the relationship. He plays into the stereotypical, less-enthused boyfriend while she plays into the clingy, "what are we?" kind of girlfriend. No amount of burping or lackluster cybersex can dissuade this heroine from loving Bert. They're together forever...or, at least until Olivia breaks her phone or irreversible water damage comes between them. (Uproxx)

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