Watch Jessica Chastain Get The Disney Treatment

disney444Photo: Courtesy of Disney.
Jessica Chastain is getting the Disney treatment, and you'll never guess what character she's playing.
Okay, maybe you will.
Since 2007, Disney and Annie Leibovitz have been collaborating on the "Disney Dream Portraits" series, one of the more memorable ad campaigns in recent memory. The idea is simple: Get A-list celebrities to dress up as our favorite Disney characters, and recreate an iconic scene using Leibovitz' signature style. The results have been wonderful.
We've had Beyoncé as Alice, Scarlett Johansson as Cinderella, Jessica Biel as Pocahontas, Gisele as Wendy, and most recently, Taylor Swift as Rapunzel. So who, you ask, is Chastain portraying? Here are a few hints. It's the first ever Pixar character to be included in the series. Like Chastain, this character has long, fiery locks. And, perhaps most importantly, the picture is right above. If you guessed Merida from Brave, then you win the prize of watching Chastain get into character by clicking the link below! If you guessed otherwise, well, you still get to watch the video, because we're really, really nice! (Oh No They Didn't)

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