Finally! A Device That Just Might End Bad Posture

Sure, we all probably spend an inordinate amount of time perched (read: slumped) behind our laptops each day. Hey, those cat videos aren’t going to watch themselves. And, unless you’re way diligent about your posture, chances are you’re bound to hunch over while working at some point. Tsk!
Well, instead of succumbing to a stand-up desk or waddling around on a bright red ball, what if there was an easier way to straighten up? Of course, leave it to techie masterminds to concoct a device that consistently reminds you to adjust your posture. According to Mashable, Lumo Body Tech unveiled its latest product, Lumo Lift, at CES and it’s nothing to sneeze at — the small, wearable device vibrates when it detects slouching (hmm, remind you of another gadget that shocks you when you’re behaving badly?) and is so small you’ll hardly notice it’s there — it can even be clipped onto a bra strap.
Combined with a mobile app, the Lumo Lift reminds us slightly of fit bands like Jawbone’s UP and Fitbit, in the sense that it encourages online engagement and rewards. The device retails for $60 to $70 and is available for pre-order for a spring '14 delivery. Talk about a backup plan.
openPhoto: Courtesy of Lumo Lift

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