High-Tech Watch Will Tell You Exactly When You Will Die

tikkerembeddedPhoto: Courtesy Of Tikker.
We have a slightly morbid but very important question to pose to you on this Monday morning, so brace yourselves. What would you do if you knew exactly how long you had left to live? Would you do anything differently? Would you take more risks? Kiss more boys? Maybe even just smile a little more?
Well, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you can now find out. A new watch called Tikker claims to be able to calculate just how much time you have left on Earth — down to the second — and literally ticks them down. Like most of today's most brilliant new tech innovations, Tikker was born with the help of a Kickstarter campaign last year. It is scheduled to ship in April, but you can pre-order yours now for $59 on the company's website.
So, how does Tikker know how long you have left? Users fill out a survey on their overall health, daily habits, family history, and other factors. Then, Tikker creates a magic number, and the biggest countdown of your life begins. Obviously, there's no way to know whether this number is entirely accurate, and it doesn't take freak accidents or unexpected illness into account. But, we actually kind of like the idea of being constantly reminded of our own mortality. After all, life is short — knowing just how short could be a seriously good thing. (The Atlantic)

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