Chicago Man Found Jogging In Chiberia — For Real

emchicagPhoto: iStock.
With a frigid temp of minus 16 at O'Hare this morning, the Windy City hit a new record low. According to the Chicago Tribune, the previous record was minus 14, which was set back in 1988. But, despite these "Chiberian" conditions, DNAinfo Chicago found a man jogging on the lakefront this morning — yes, really!
The brave (or crazy) soul is Ricardo Martinez, an avid runner who has completed 43 marathons and logs in 80-to-100 miles per week. So, a man this dedicated isn't about to let subzero temps break his stride. Wearing four layers of clothing, two pairs of gloves, and a ski mask that only exposed his eyes, the dedicated athlete completed 10 miles.
But, if you're like the rest of us here in Chicago, you're working from home in your woolies (thanks, boss!) with a big pot of chili simmering on the stove. Better make enough for a couple of days. Tomorrow, it's only going to warm up to about five degrees — if we're lucky... (DNAinfo Chicago)

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