Maxim's Woman Of The Year Is...

evaPhoto: Courtesy of Maxim.
Well, that was fast. While we're still writing 2013 on our checks and struggling to shake off our New Year's Eve hangovers, the powers that be at Maxim have gone ahead and named their 2014 Woman of the Year. And, just who is the lucky lady that now has the extreme pressure of being awesome all year? None other than actress Eva Longoria, who appears in a very clingy white tank top on the magazine's January/February issue. Happy New Year, fellas.
Besides being ridiculously hot, the 38-year-old Texan has other qualifications to recommend her. She's a successful producer and philanthropist, and she just earned her master's degree in Chicano studies from California State University.
"I've had a beautiful relationship with Maxim over all these years," Longoria says of her new title. "When someone sees the cover of this issue, they're going to say, '¡Que rico!'....[You] say it when something is really good."
Indeed. Still, given our druthers, we'd rather stake claim to the Latina beauty's other lofty title: best friend to Victoria Beckham. Call us, VB! (People)

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