Downton's Michelle Dockery Is A Total Badass In This Funny Or Die Video

In what might be seen as an attempt to avoid being typecast, Michelle Dockery is joining the police force. Well, not really. But, this video is the next best thing. In Tough Justice, the hilarious spoof of a typical TNT crime drama (from the folks at Funny or Die), the Downton Abbey star plays the tough-as-nails (and aptly named) detective Connie Tough. It's an entirely new look for the actress, who's normally decked out in elaborate '20s costumes. And, she totally holds her own opposite her typically macho and dismissive partner, cop-show vet Michael Chiklis.
Casting directors take note: Not only does Dockery look perfectly at ease playing a hardscrabble cop, but the British thespian also nails the American accent. And, if the fake trailer's voice-over sounds familiar, that's because it comes courtesy of Jon Hamm. This marks the first collaboration between the two stars of TV's most popular period dramas. Sure, it may not be the Downton Abbey/Mad Men mash-up we've secretly fantasized about, but we guess we'll just have to take it. For now. (Funny Or Die)

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