What's That Smell? 7 Surprising Causes Of Body Odor

unnamed-1Photo: Cultura/REX USA.
Ah, body odor — that seriously awkward human byproduct. Despite our best efforts (and the best efforts of our deodorant), the stink can rear its ugly head anytime, any place. It doesn't matter if you've just showered or if you've got a date tonight. B.O. does not discriminate.
Well, The Huffington Post has done some sleuthing, and it turns out that spicy scent can be linked to a number of rather curious culprits. For example, some of us already know all too well that stress can cause some serious underarm drama. But, did you know that eating cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli or Brussels sprouts, can bring the funk, as well? Drinking alcohol has been shown to increase odor, and some people report B.O. problems after switching to a low-carb diet (maybe rethink that New Year's diet resolution?).
Another common offender, apparently: overworking (and underwashing) your favorite bra. On a scarier note, excessive odor could indicate a more serious condition, such as diabetes.
Click through to HuffPost for the full list. And, just in case, here's a list of super-effective natural deodorants! No judgement. It happens to the best of us. (Huffington Post)

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