This Blogger's Style Is Music To Our Ears

While there are a bevy of bloggers who specialize in one topic, Chelsea Cankar couldn't choose between her two passions: fashion and music. So, she seamlessly blended the two together to create her super-rad blog Stic-of-the-Week. Oh, but there's more. She doesn't just love music, she lives it. The adorable Wicker Park resident is also the Midwest marketing representative at Universal Music Group. (Coolest job ever? We think so.)
So, we wasted no time grilling asking Cankar about everything, from the scoop on the Chicago music scene to the best go-to concert ensemble to the spring trends she's flipping over. And, to showcase her sartorial chops, we shot the music maven wearing four snazzy ensembles that emulate her rocker-chic personality. A good girl with an edge? Now, that's what we call noteworthy.

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