Crocs Landed A $200 Million Dollar Investment — Really

emPhoto: Courtesy of Crocs.
If you're one of those gals who would never — like, ever — slip on a pair of Crocs, we've got news for you: According to Fashionista, Forbes reported that the brand just acquired a $200 million dollar investment — that's a whole lotta clogs! Apparently, the generous influx of cash is courtesy of The Blackstone Group, which currently owns 13 percent of the company and sits on the board of directors.
Say what you will about these suckers. There are obviously plenty of folks who prefer to put their best comfortable foot forward. Heck, even share prices for CROX rose about 13 percent following the announcement. Who knows? Maybe since there's all that extra dough rolling around, we'll start to see some more stylish versions pounding the pavement. Hey, if Adidas slides could garner credibility in the fashion world, anything is possible. (Fashionista)

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