The Squatty Potty Says You’re Pooping Wrong

Every once in a while a device comes on the market that endeavors to totally change some mundane, habitual part of our lives. Back in the day, the dishwasher, washing machine, and vacuum cleaner revolutionized household work. And before that, the toilet revolutionized sanitation and bathroom habits.
Now, the makers of the uniquely named device the "squatty potty" want us all to start pooping a little differently. By placing their feet on the elevated platform, the user lifts their knees above their hips while on the potty.
So, how does it work to keep you healthy? Well, it pays attention to the ways our ancestors pooped — by squatting outside — and notes that our anatomy hasn't changed a whole lot since the advent of the in-house toilet. So, when we perch on our thrones with our knees at a 90-degree angle to the floor, we're actually making the process more difficult by resisting the natural flow of things. This can result in a host of painful, strain-related issues, like hemorrhoids.
When sitting with knees at a 90-degree angle to the floor, the internal muscles surrounding the rectum keep it at an unforgiving angle. This is why many people need to push a little when using the bathroom. But, by lifting up the knees, the "kink" in the rectum that is causing resistance is relaxed. So, the Squatty Potty claims, no more pushing.
What do you think? Could this stool revolutionize how we poop? And, would you keep one in your own bathroom? Let us know in the comments. (Squatty Potty)

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