We're Still Not Over The Homeland Finale — Spoilers Ahead

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You'll have to excuse us, but we're a bit depressed this Monday morning. And, it's not just because of the usual beginning-of-the-week nerves, but because we're left with a lingering sadness after last night's season finale of Homeland. Don't get us wrong, now — in theory, we're satisfied with the storyline and pleased with the direction the writers took. But, that doesn't change the fact that we spent most of the episode wiping away tears and being genuinely worried about where all this leaves our favorite characters.
First off, we'll address the major spoiler alert of the episode. Yes, Brody is dead. Watching Carrie desperately try to save his life during his final moments was heartbreaking, but it had to be done — literally and figuratively. Homeland has given the fallen marine way too many second chances over the years, and as attached as we are to the guy, his time was up. Not only was killing Brody the brave and logical thing to do, but let's all take a moment to acknowledge that there's no way he could go back to a normal — or remotely happy — life after everything that he's done.
That leaves us with Carrie and Saul, two people we feel decidedly less sure about. Our hearts want Carrie to give her baby up for adoption and head to Istanbul, because it's the only way she'll truly be happy and her baby will truly be safe. But, our heads are pretty sure that next season will find her raising Baby Brody back in D.C. We'll be able to get on board with that plan — if Peter Quinn finally professes his love for Carrie and takes on the role of surrogate father.
As for Saul, he's the one we're most unsure about. For his marriage, his personal life, and his own sanity, we want him safely ensconced in the private sector and living happily ever after in NYC. But, Dar Adal had a point: The CIA has a pull on Saul that he's never been able to shake, and it would be mighty hard for him to resist if Lockhart came calling.
What we do know is that Homeland has essentially received a reboot. Season three put the kibosh on pretty much everything we're familiar with on the show — and everything we haven't been crazy about. The characters are all getting a new lease on life, and more importantly, so is the show's entire angle and perspective. It's sad to say goodbye to the format we've known and mostly loved for the past three years, but as always, we're keeping the faith. Give us your reactions and predictions below.

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