A Juice Cleanse That Cures Hangover & Fends Off Flu

juice-embedPhoto: Courtesy of Melvin's Juice Box.
If you spent this morning's subway commute dodging people's coughs, sneezes, and sniffles, you're not alone. 'Tis the season for sickness. Not only are there germs everywhere, but all of the holiday parties can lead lead to some hellish hangovers. What if we told you there was a juice cleanse that would take care of both of these ailments? Say hello to Melvin's Juice Cleanse, the seven-step, restorative cleanse that can be delivered throughout NYC right to your front door.
This is major news for juice fanatics and an awesome development from famed New York juicer Melvin Major, Jr. The six juices and booster shot work to alleviate the build up of toxins, improve immunity, hydrate skin, and recharge your system. The colorful juices are 100% organic and made fresh daily, offering top-notch healing benefits. We also scored tips from the juice man himself, who says the Body Good juice, which is packed with green veggies and apples, is the best choice for hangover recovery. For boosting your immune system during winter, he suggests adding more orange and grapefruit juice to your diet, as well as kale and apples, which help remove toxicity. The cleanses start at $60 a day, and can be ordered at Melvin's Juice Box.

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