How To Make Your Fruits & Veggies Last

kale_smoothie_071_600x400_mikeGartenPHOTOGRAPHED BY MIKE GARTEN.
If you've got mushy mangoes and limp lettuce, it's time you had a refresher course in fruit and veggie storage. As you amp up for 2014, you're probably setting some resolutions on eating better, and part of that means knowing how to purchase and store your fresh produce. The first step is understanding ethylene, a colorless, odorless gas that is produced by several fruits and aids in the ripening process. Since some give off more of the chemical than others (think apples, avocados, plums, and tomatoes), the trick is keeping them separate from one another — unless you want them to ripen faster.
But, because figuring out how to care for your bountiful harvest can be tricky, Bargaineering put together a super-nifty chart detailing where and how you should store all major fruits and vegetables. For example, Brussels sprouts go in the fridge, avocados stay on the countertop until ripe, and don't wash that broccoli until you're going to eat it. Hungry for more? Click here to download an alphabetized master list to keep on your fridge. (Bargaineering)

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