Waiting? Women Over 30 Having More Babies Than Ever

001__MG_4199Photographed by Maia Harms.
Recent data from the CDC reveals that the birthrate in the U.S. has declined since 2000, reaching the lowest rate in 12 years. Pregnancies dropped 12% between 2000 and 2009, with experts attributing the sharp decrease to increased teen contraception use.
However, though pregnancy rates have fallen sharply in the under-30 set, there's one group where birthrate is on the rise. Since 1990, the pregnancy rate for women 30 to 39 has increased a whopping 30%. That's a huge, society-changing shift.
More women than ever are delaying pregnancy, marriage, and "settling down" in favor of gaining advanced degrees and focusing on their careers full-time in their 20s. Now, the numbers truly reflect how many women are making this choice.
Abortion rates, especially among teens, also decreased since 1990, perhaps reflecting better sex education. With more U.S. women in the workplace than ever before, it seems that 30 truly is the new 20 — at least where pregnancy is concerned. (CNN)

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