Sizzlin’! First Couple Shots Of Anastasia Steele & Christian Grey

So, we've already seen Dakota Johnson transform herself into Anastasia Steele. But, with the movie's filming in overdrive in Vancouver, it was only a matter of time before the paparazzi captured a shot of the 50 Shades' infamous, namesake couple.
This morning, we're treating you to a few glances of Johnson and costar Jamie Dornan at work as Anastasia and Christian. We know we're not there in person, but we're pretty sure we can feel the sparks between them even through the computer screen. (Dornan seems to be settling into his role as the domineering Grey quite well, if we do say so ourselves.) And, it begs to be mentioned that he can wear the heck out of a suit. Whether he's walking Anastasia to her car or giving her a quick kiss and bidding her adieu, he's smoldering. Click through for another shot of the couple, and let's start the power suit tracker now.

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