Eating Off A Red Plate May Help Curb Your Hunger

jpegPhoto: Courtesy of Anthropologie.
If you're looking for a way to fight the inevitable holiday bulge, the treadmill may not be your only ally. According to CNN, a new study published in the journal Appetite indicated that folks cut back on their food intake when it was placed on a red plate versus a white or blue one. Even though die-hard popcorn fans (one of the items tested) ate more than non-popcorn lovers, they still ate less on average.
But, don't run out to Crate & Barrel to stock up on some new tableware just yet. The participants in the study were not told the reason behind the tests. So, Oliver Genschow, who studies consumer psychology at the University of Mannheim, told CNN that "we don't know what will happen if people are conscious of their plate's color. Maybe it won't work anymore." So, there is still much research to be had on this theory. In the meantime, color us intrigued. (CNN)

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