Mara Wilson Doesn’t Mind Being An Internet Sensation

1Photo: REX USA/Moviestore Collection.
We've already determined that Mara Wilson is basically our BFF, but the former child star's latest interview just sealed the deal. She did a rare chat with Entertainment Weekly to commemorate Matilda's Blu-ray release and gave up all kinds of hilarious tidbits. She's got quite a sense of humor about her life as an actress, and she's become something of an Internet sensation in her post-Hollywood life. "I am getting a bit of a cult following," she told the mag. "And that’s nice. Every now and then I’ll get people following me saying, 'Oh, I just thought you were funny. I had no idea you played Matilda.' And I appreciate my fans, but that can also be heartening. Like, 'Oh, okay, people appreciate me as an adult, too.'"
She also talked about her time at NYU, which has become something of an old boys' club for reformed child stars. "There were times when Haley Joel Osment and I would be in the dining hall together," she said. "I remember we would kind of eye each other and then look away. It’s like a law of physics that two former child stars can’t spend that much time in the same area or something will explode." With all of this humor bursting at the seams, it's no surprise that at the end of the interview, Wilson revealed she's working on a memoir. The book, whose working title is K For Kid, will detail all of her experiences — from the movie set, to growing up Jewish, to losing her mother at a young age. Consider our copy pre-ordered. (Entertainment Weekly)

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