Meet The 3 Window Displays Even Scrooge Would Appreciate

In case there are any wannabe Scrooges still lurking among us may we point you in the direction of these fabulous window displays? They're sure to cure any seasonal grouchiness. Yup, Prada, Miu Miu, and Mulberry are embracing the spirit of the holidays with installations that are mini masterpieces in mood, theme, and tone.
Prada celebrates its heritage with reproductions of the signature cherry wood cabinets originally seen in the brand’s first store in Milan way back in 1910. The mannequins conjure images of Film Noir heroines as they artfully pose with biker bags or sashay down staircases.
Prada's little sister Miu Miu’s windows are a riot in color and texture, with acid bright outfits vying for attention alongside floral-embossed drapery. There's not a reindeer in sight.
Mulberry brings Grimm’s Fairy tales to the English countryside via Harrods with frozen lakes, powdery snow-covered hills, and icy woodlands. Of course no fairy-tale landscape would be complete without the brand’s iconic Bayswater and Lily bags in festive shades of red. Click through to see the all the gorgeous windows and let us know which scene captures your imagination.

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