These Dogs Are Exactly What You Need Today

Remember when we showed you that Corgi who was (maybe) twerking? Remember how good that felt? Now, imagine if you could have a print version of that feeling, a version that you could keep on your coffee table for easy reference whenever you wanted. Oh, and imagine it involves gorgeous, high-quality photography that makes your pup-obsessed Instagram look like child's play. Yeah, that sounds like the perfect present for you and everyone you know this season.
It's called Shake, and it's a gorgeous book that is calling your name. Inside are some of the world's cutest pooches caught — you guessed it — right in the middle of a good shake, and the results are both hilarious and heart-melting. Pro pet photographer and proud owner of the award for best job ever Carli Davidson hooked us up with a sneak peek, including a few images exclusively reserved for the pleasure of R29 readers (because you're so special. Go on, you know you are). We think these photos speak for themselves, but we will say one thing: You definitely need this book in your life.
Don't be shy. You can read more about the book and purchase it right're welcome, dog lovers.

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