Is Apple About To Present The Next Big Video Game Console?

instertPhoto: Courtesy of Apple.
Most of us think of smartphones, tablets, and Steve Jobs when we see the Apple logo — but, the company is up to all kinds of big things that don't get as much attention. And, its latest move currently sparking rumors? Apple has purchased Israeli company PrimeSense, which previously developed 3-D motion sensor technology for the Xbox. Sounds boring, but it has a lot of experts thinking that an Apple gaming console may be on the way. iConsole, perhaps?
It's not a far reach, logically speaking. First of all, gaming is an incredibly lucrative industry in which Apple, uncharacteristically, has little presence (nobody's really viewing the iPad as a gaming device, despite the company's best attempts to make it so). You already spend a million hours a day on your iPhone playing Candy Crush, so why not extend your Apple experience into other forms of delightfully wasting your time? It makes even more sense if you consider the fact that Apple TV has been a rare pain point for a company that has succeeded in so many other ways. This could be the big break it's looking for — and a way to finally overcome its chief competitor, Microsoft (maker of the Xbox).
It's not, however, a sure bet for success. As Forbes' Anthony Wing Kosner points out, "The conceptual leap here is that the world’s best gaming controller has been hiding in plain sight, or at least in your pocket." Apple has confirmed that the acquisition did indeed happen, though so far, it isn't saying what for — but, keep your eyes on this story in 2014. Undoubtedly, our friends in Cupertino have big plans in the works. (Forbes)