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The Daily Show‘s Black Friday Shopping Advice Is The Best Out There

During the month of November, magazines, websites, and talk shows are rife with Black Friday advice. The simple act of beating out crazed customers for the last flat screen is enough to send folks into a pie-filled frenzy, so there's no shortage of tips out there on how to score the best deals. But, leave it to The Daily Show to put its own genius spin on the holidays. Last night, the show aired a clip about shopping on Black Friday — while being black. Reacting to the recent — and horrifying — trend of store security and police using racial profiling to target customers at luxury stores, the late-night show decided to highlight just how ridiculous it really is.
Intrepid correspondent Jessica Williams went on the scene in the Big Apple, detailing the ways that black people can cross things off their Christmas lists in peace. She facetiously (and hilariously suggests) that shoppers try bringing along a white friend to help explain the situation to authorities, or alert store employees of your presence (and skin color) immediately upon entering. You could also make friends with security (bribes and gifts work well here) or get a white person to shop for you. Williams equips her middle-aged friend Peggy with a secret camera and sends her into a department store to search out the deals. For a good laugh at the expense of all the judgmental and close-minded stores out there, watch the full video below. (The Daily Show)

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