Piper Kerman Did A Reddit AMA For All The OITNB Fangirls

1Photo: Courtesy of Piper Kerman/Twitter.
Okay, we're going to wax poetic on our love for Orange Is The New Black for awhile. Not trying to be dramatic or anything, but we've been seriously hurting while we wait for new episodes to hit our Apple TVs. We just have such an obsession with the whole Litchfield gang that we'll take any insider tidbits we can get. Much to our collective delight, Piper Kerman (a.k.a. the real-life prisoner) did a Reddit AMA. Not surprisingly, it was pretty darn juicy. Fans quizzed her on everything from the differences between herself and her onscreen persona to publisher reactions to the book. Below, we pulled out our favorite OITNB factoids for your viewing pleasure.
A publisher once told Piper "We really like it [the book], except for the lesbianism and the crime."
Most women in the criminal justice system are moms; in fact, 1.3 million children have a mother in the system.
None of the backstories belonging to the show's prisoners are drawn from the book — they were all completely fabricated by the show's writers.
Piper's favorite character from the show is Gloria.
The most important unspoken rule in prison is that you never ask someone "what they're in for."
The real-life Larry is a great sport about the fact that TV Larry is not too great.
The biggest similarity between the residents of a women's prison and a women's college? Food obsessions.

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