What Your Breath Says About Your Health

rexusa_443649aPhoto: OJO Images/REX USA.
Listerine, Tic Tacs, endless quantities of chewing gum — we tackle bad breath with an arsenal of mouth fresheners whenever it strikes. Because let's face it, anything less than minty fresh is just not appealing. But, it turns out that your smelly little problem could be a bigger deal than you might think. As Everyday Health reports, your breath says a lot about your overall health.
Generally, nasty breath could mean digestive health problems (such as stomach ulcers and gastroesophageal reflux disease), gingivitis, respiratory tract infection, as well as a host of other potentially serious issues. Fishy breath could suggest poor kidney function, while that all-too-common morning breath could point to sleep problems you might not even be aware of. And, even if it isn't noticeably bad, odorless compounds in your breath could point to anything from lung cancer to heart failure.
Click over to Everyday Health for the full run-down. (Everyday Health)

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