YouTube’s Best Fashion Videos — Sayonara, Productivity!

There’s no denying the power of YouTube. From viral videos that leave us in (happy) tears to beauty tutorials that show us exactly how it’s done, YouTube is our go-to source whenever we need intel on, well, just about anything. But, surprise, surprise — it's also a great resource for learning more about the business of fashion. From tips on how to get your foot in the door to exclusive peeks into the lives of industry insiders, the site's channels are a surprisingly rich source for fashion-related information and inspiration. Whether you are looking for a five-minute primer or an in-depth panel presentation, you'll find it — lots of it, to be exact.
The only drawback to this wealth of awesome free content? The best videos (the ones that are well-composed, interesting, and informative) are scattered across different channels, and the channels themselves aren’t always obvious. To help you ease into YouTube's world of fashion insight, we’ve compiled some of the best videos and channels you'll want to bookmark ASAP. Just be warned: It's hard to watch just one — so you can kiss productivity goodbye today.

Look TV
As far as YouTube channels go, Look TV is in a league all its own. The channel boasts a wide array of fashion series (“A Stylish Life” is particularly charming), but the most impressive series is “How To Make It in Fashion." Offering a wealth of information for anyone interested in the fashion industry, the series offers up short clips of inspirational advice as well as panel presentations that clock in at nearly an hour long. (For the time-crunched, highlight videos are also available). This is the channel for the die-hard who wants to make a career in fashion, or anyone who wants lots of quality content about what it’s really like to work in the industry.

Our video pick: It’s a tie between two super-informative panel presentations. Check out highlights from the Making it: How to Make it in Fashion panel below and highlights from the The Right Ways to Network: How to Make it in Fashion panel to get great business and networking advice that's useful no matter your chosen field.

The Outnet
Lovers of discount designer wares know The Outnet for its selection of attainable womenswear and accessories. But, The Outnet’s YouTube channel is just as fun to dig through. It's a treasure trove of interviews and tips from insiders in fields ranging from music to makeup. Expect interviews, how-tos, and personal style tips.

Our video pick: The Fast 5 With Molly McAleer. The Outnet's "Fast 5" videos are short but sweet reminders not to take fashion too seriously. If you need a laugh, count on McAleer’s interview to deliver several.
College Fashionista
College Fashionista’s channel doesn’t have the variety that other channels have, but what it does, it does well. Almost all the videos on this channel are short interviews with fashion insiders, like Emily Schuman of Cupcakes & Cashmere. If you aren’t necessarily interested in keeping up with every fashion show but are curious about fashion careers, this is one to check out.
Our video pick: Fashion Insider: Cara Crowley. Crowley's story about how baking a cake helped her land a job will make you rethink your definition of going above and beyond for work.
Style Blazer
Style Blazer focuses on people of color in fashion, but what really makes this channel stand out is the humor, high-quality content, and visually interesting layout. The “How I Made It” series is the standout on the channel, with in-depth interviews featuring fashion insiders. Each video in the series is shot in black-and-white until the very end, when it switches to color.
Our video pick: How I Made It: Robin Givhan. The longtime fashion critic needs no introduction, and her interview is a great peek into how she got to where she is. You’ll like it, trust us.
Teen Vogue
Teen Vogue has written the book on getting into fashion. (Literally — The Teen Vogue Handbook: An Insider’s Guide to a Career in Fashion came out in 2009.) So, it’s no surprise that the mag's YouTube channel is packed with fun, informative content that fashion-loving teens and adults can appreciate. The “Fashion at Work” series takes you behind the scenes with fashion positions that are lesser-known. Know what a social media coordinator or a brand manager does? You will now.
Our video pick: Fashion at Work: Amy Levin. Levin is only 26, but she’s been running College Fashionista for four years now. Watching her video, it’s easy to see why she’s been so successful — her answers are thoughtful, and she’s clearly focused and driven. Her video is a great example that it’s never too early or too late to accomplish big goals.

Rachel Roy
In addition to runway coverage of her collections and plenty of behind-the-scenes looks at her life as a designer and mother, Rachel Roy’s channel shows off her skills as an interviewer in her original series “The Life." In it, Roy interviews insiders in different facets of the industry, from magazine editor Laura Brown to jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche. Roy’s interviews are always infused with a sense of ease and comfort, thanks to the fact that her subjects are usually longtime friends. “The Life” series is specifically designed to be a resource for viewers who want to one day be the person being interviewed — so take notes. Roy understands what it takes to make it in the industry, and asks thoughtful questions on behalf of the viewer.

Our video pick: The Life: Susan Feldman of One King's Lane. Feldman’s interview reveals that passion and knowledge of your own strengths and weaknesses are important in getting ahead in business, fashion, and life. Being the first to get an idea out there helps, too.
Net-A-Porter is another online retailer that has committed to creating awesome, exclusive online content for YouTube, and frankly, we hope that more and more sites follow suit. There's an underlying theme of encouragement and self-improvement to the videos on this channel. Trainer Tracy Anderson, makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury, and supermodel Miranda Kerr all have their own spotlights. Kerr’s videos highlighting her healthy lifestyle are particularly popular — no surprise there.
Our video pick: The Body Beautiful: Miranda Kerr—Yoga. Learn the yoga moves that Kerr swears by, and get tips on performing them properly? Sign us up.

When you’re Vogue, it’s no surprise that your YouTube channel includes intimate knowledge of how to pull off the biggest trends coupled with insider access to the best designers. Case in point: “Vogue Voices," an ongoing look into the processes of major designers. Whether you want to channel your inner Anne Hathaway and take a peek into the Vogue closet, or indulge your inner romantic and see how a Vogue wedding is done, there's an elegant video on here that you'll love.

Our video pick: Vogue Voices: Stella McCartney. McCartney’s personal and in-depth interview gives you insight into her design process, but that’s not what makes it a must-watch. It’s the designer's sincerity and openness in talking about her personal and professional inspirations that make this video truly touching.

Garance Doré
Ahh, Garance — what can we say about Garance? She's a fashion industry darling — and for good reason. Yes, she's effortlessly stylish as only French women can be, but she’s also that most charming of fashion insiders: the one who is unabashedly excited to be doing what she’s doing. Doré’s status as a style power player has allowed her access to the most influential people in fashion, but it’s her charming personality and ability to put people at ease that make her YouTube videos feel like a journey with a friend.

Our video pick: Pardon My French: Jenna Lyons. Watching Garance interview “the most stylish woman [she knows]" is as good as it gets. Her videos are special because they always capture small, natural moments that offer a unique and personal insight into her subject's world. Expect to be totally charmed.

Refinery29 TV
Obviously, we couldn't highlight the channels we love on YouTube without giving a little shoutout to our own host of videos. From the Beauty Test Lab series of product reviews to Trend Takeout, which breaks down tricky fashion scenarios into digestible (and copy-able) looks, you'll find tons of useful intel here.

Our video pick: Annie Cam: Backstage at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. We simply cannot get through a video featuring our New York editor, Annie Georgia Greenberg, without giggling at least once. Unleashed backstage at the Victoria's Secret over-the-top underwear extravaganza, she's at her finest here.

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