Why Jon Stewart Is Picking A Fight With Chicago

We take our food pretty seriously here in Chicago. And, really, how could we not? We've got some of the best grub around. So, when Mayor Rahm Emanuel claimed earlier this week that Willis Tower — rather than the newly erected Freedom Tower in New York — should keep its title as tallest building, Jon Stewart took it upon himself to respond. But, he didn't just attack Emanuel. No, he went straight for the pizza.
Indeed, Stewart went on quite the tirade, saying that "deep-dish pizza is not only not better than New York pizza, it's not pizza. It's a [expletive] casserole." Swiftly defending our honor, Emanuel sent the television host a couple of Chicago pizzas with anchovies and a note that read, "Deep Dish With Dead Fish. Love, Rahm." This was accompanied by a tweet that asked, "No hard feelings?" But, because Jon Stewart is Jon Stewart, he retaliated with a Vine of a dog who refused the pie. Ah, we see what you did there, Stewart.
Now, it's a bit of a waiting game. Will Emanuel retaliate? Will this become the next Kanye/Jimmy Kimmel feud? Either way, we don't care what Stewart says: We know our pizza is the best. (NBC Chicago)

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