The Coeds Just Aren’t Kissing Like They Used To

FW_SS14_Honor_090513_377_AmeliaAlpaughPhotographed by Amelia Alpaugh.
Whether you participated in one, or had high hopes of doing so, free-for-all kissing rituals at universities are slowly exiting left — and it's not because everyone is suddenly worried about modesty. Rather, USA Today reported the decline was linked to growing health concerns, which seem pretty obvious when you're swapping saliva with more people in one evening than you may kiss for the rest of your life.
Stanford University held its annual smooch fest earlier this month, which, according to a New York Times report, was a raging public health hazard. On the responsible side, the school did offer flu and meningitis shots prior to the festivities. But, on the completely disgusting side, freshmen were warned to scale back on their oral hygiene prior to smooching: “We tell them not to floss beforehand, don’t brush, don’t do anything that could create microabrasions in your gums for germs to get in,” former counselor Michelle Lee Mederos told the Times.
But, not everyone is completely grossed out by this kiss-kiss party. Stanford junior Lauren Miller gives props to the school's administrators who let the tradition continue, while being mindful of student safety. Hmmm...if the after-party is a week of mono, we'll pass. (New York Magazine)

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