The Best Sandwiches By State — Do You Agree?

emPhoto: Via Business Insider.
We don't know anyone (carb-phobes included) who doesn't appreciate a good sandwich, one with a perfect balance of bread and yummy fillings to suit all tastes. In our opinion, this stacked wonder is a foolproof meal — especially considering the combinations are only limited by your imagination.
Even so, some places specialize in certain sammies better than others. And, lucky for you, Business Insider put together a nifty map of the top sandwiches by state based on the state's history, as well as having a reputation for being a local favorite. Picks range from an avocado club sandwich in California to the horseshoe (meat topped with cheese and fries) in Illinois. Yep, you can bet that every protein, carb, veggie, and sauce is represented in one way or another. Check out the full map and key here to see if you agree with the pick for your state. Be warned: Hunger may ensue. (Business Insider)

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