Tights Delivered To Your Doorstep? Yes, It’s Possible

ePhoto: Courtesy of Hella.
The coolest new delivery business has nothing to do with food. Enter Hella Tights, a subscription service that delivers tights to your doorstep for about $20 to $30 per month.
But, make no mistake — these aren't your ordinary, boring, old tights. There are options in every color, print, and pattern of your dreams. And, seriously, this is the time of year we live in tights. Our only concern? You can't pick a specific pair; the company ships you something "high quality" and "trendy" but ultimately, it's a mystery. We don't know about you, but we're very particular about our leg wear.
And, yes, we chuckled a bit at this comment featured on Jezebel, "First rule of tight club: You do not talk about tight club," but this has too much potential to keep it a secret. (Jezebel)

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