Is This You? 90% Of Us Show Up To Work Sick

This time of year, you’ll find us obsessively slathering on the hand sanitizer and guarding ourselves against any airborne diseases lurking about, because let’s be honest — who can really afford to call in sick?
Well, according to The Huffington Post a whopping 90% of office employees show up to work when they actually should be at home resting. Even worse? The statistic is actually up from 80% of respondents in last year's survey and 60% in 2011.
While this was an online survey — not rigorously scientific — the drastic increase of just these past three years is notable. The main reason? Employees didn’t want to fall behind on their workload. But, a day of semi-productivity puts their co-workers at risk of the flu and other viruses. Why is it that during this tech-advanced time, people are increasingly coming to work sick? Shouldn't constant online communication have solved some of the problem? Also of note — the U.S. Federal law does not require employers to offer any paid sick days. For many, missing out on a day of pay is a luxury they can't afford.
Just remember, you’re nowhere near as productive when you come to work with the flu. So, the bottom line? If you're in a financial situation where you can afford to do so, cough it up, click on the cartoons, and just take a sick day.
openerPhoto: Via HuffPo

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