Drinking Tonight? How To Save Your Skin

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Okay, so most of us enjoy a cocktail from time to time, and while we might suspect that indulging in certain types of adult beverages isn't the best for our health, what is it that alcohol really does to our skin? And, if we do decide to go out for a night on the town, what are the best drinks to consume for complexion maintenance?
The Huffington Post did a little digging, talking to two renounced medical doctors on the drinks that are the worst offenders. Apparently, if you don't want to wake up looking like a puffy monster, the best option would be a shot of clear liquor — like gin or vodka. There's no added sugar or salt here, and, if you have only one, you should feel and look okay come morning.
Next on the list? Whiskeys, tequilas, and rums. Though drinking these liquors straight also has the benefits of no additives, they have more congeners — chemical substances produced during the fermentation process that contribute to a liquor's unique taste — which also happen to be one of the main causes of hangovers.
A glass of red wine might also be a decent option if you want to look fresh in the morning, but not if you suffer from rosacea. There's a decent chance it will cause a flare-up.
Want to know the drinks you should absolutely avoid? Click through to read them all. (The Huffington Post)

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