The Greatest Comments From The ’90s-Themed Reddit Thread

1Photo: Courtesy of Nickelodeon.
Reddit is a funny thing. Sometimes the site is a pure time-waster, where we come away feeling nothing but distaste for ourselves and our abilities to get sucked into an Internet hole. But, sometimes, our trolling pays off, and we come across a true gem. This morning, that gem came in the form of a thread titled "What was the absolute worst thing about the '90s?" And, yes, it really was as amazing as it sounds. As it turns out, that decade of yore churned out all kinds of frustrations, from rewinding VHS tapes to waiting in line for Discovery Zone. To help you keep your procrastination to a minimum today, we've picked out our 10 favorite comments from the thread. But, fair warning: Ample nostalgia awaits. (Reddit)
mmmmoooohhhh: "In Europe, that would be the Yugoslavian Wars. On a lighter DJs talking over the tracks you wanted to tape."
S0PES: "For me the worst thing was when other kids would tell me they'd only play pogs if it was "for keepsies." Then they'd bust out their 1 megaton slammer, drop it, and the entire stack would instantly flip over, face up. No tiddlywinks needed :("
rocketinpocket: "Watching a movie requiring 2 VHS cassette's... f*ck you Titanic."
doctorsound: "I can't believe I wasted my youthful hair on bowl cuts. Now I'm bald. I'm pretty sure it's penance for my sins."
Crazydutch18: "1 screech...2 screech, wait; a second delay before the third screech?! MOM I TOLD YOU I WAS GOING ON THE COMPUTER, GET OFF THE PHONE."
arifish: "Blisters from jelly sandals."
blinner: "The Macarena. It was everywhere and we all hated it — yet we all did it. I bet I still know it...Yep. Confirmed. I still know it."
_vargas_: "Getting film developed, especially with a disposable camera. The waiting game before you got the film back was excruciating. Was my finger in front of the lens during that picture of my newborn niece? Did the sun overexpose the shot of me and John Goodman outside Miami International airport?"
notsokoolaid: "Trying to come up with a good away message on AIM."
wander700: "SNICK being cancelled."

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