Could An OTC STD Test Change Everything?

Untitled-1Photo: Courtesy of EPT.
If there were an easy, cheap, OTC STD test available, would you use it? It seems like many of us might. Whether it's to vet a potential paramour or put our own minds at ease, a simple test for common sexually transmitted diseases could change lives.
Over at Forbes, contributing writer Bill Frezza details the economic and social possibilities of such a product. Though it's not on the market yet, a Boston startup named Boston Microfluidics is hard at work creating a prototype. They're confident they can deliver on the promise of an easy-breezy test available in your local Duane Reade.
It's also super important to consider how this sex tech could enable men and women to take their health into their own hands. No more heading to the doctor for a costly appointment and even more costly lab work. No more nagging anxiety about your or your partner's status. Any tool that makes it easier and more acceptable to guard and maintain your health? Definitely a good thing. (Forbes)

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