One Blogger’s Amazing Takedown Of Martha Stewart

Look, we love our glossies. We really do. From Vogue to Sassy, innovative and smart magazines are why most of us at R29 are working in this business today. But, sometimes all the hyper-produced features can feel way out of reach of the normal girl. Relatability, accessibility, and operating on a more realistic budget are all things that made blogging (fashion blogging in particular) blow up in the last few years. People have a lot of criticism for bloggers and what they've become, many of which are valid, but the fact remains that there are a lot of hard-working, thoughtful, creative people out there, just trying to share their well-intentioned passions.
Martha Stewart should have known that when she dropped a snippy comment about food bloggers in an interview on Bloomberg TV. In fact, she probably does know that. But, perhaps she didn't realize just how feisty bloggers are when it comes to their bootstrapped credentials and abilities. Enter Vicki Winters: Sassy online food personality, whose takedown of Stewart's comments will have the doyenne thinking twice the next time she dares insult the dignity of bloggerland.
The controversy doesn't stop there, either — BlogHer, among others, has posted an open letter to rival the Miley/Sinéad feud. As The Los Angeles Times points out, "food and lifestyle bloggers help endlessly to promote Martha by using their platforms to make her recipes and crafts." What do you think? Was Stewart way out of line, or is this much ado about nothing?

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