Is Cosmo‘s Joanna Coles The Next Anna Wintour?

When you think of glossy mag editors with major political pull, you probably think of Anna Wintour, and only Anna Wintour. But, a profile in the Washington Post about
editor Joanna Coles proves that the Bobbed One might have some competition when it comes to face time at the White House. After taking the helm at Cosmo just over a year ago, Coles has dramatically shifted the mag's content toward issues-oriented coverage, overseeing articles about fair compensation, gun control, and reliable contraception. (But, don't worry, there are still steamy reads full of handy sex tips, too.)

The reason for the sudden shift? Coles' awareness of a modern woman's desire to be a well-rounded, multi-faceted being. “I love the idea that you want a great sex life, great friends, great independence,” she tells the Post. “It’s a great chaotic mix that will make you feel you made some good choices. I wanted to be part of a sexy, sophisticated world. Now I want to provide that for other women.”
The feature follows Coles through an exhausting day in the nation's capital, where she holds meeting after meeting and ultimately ends up at the White House, brainstorming with President Obama's senior adviser, Valerie Jarrett, and senior communication adviser, Tara McGuinness. The meeting results in a plan for a live, half-hour Twitter discussion on health care legislation, hosted by the magazine. It's a far cry from "The Facial Features To Look For In The Man Of Your Dreams," but thanks to Coles, those two issues are existing side-by-side. (The Washington Post)
Joanna-colesmainPhoto: Via The Washington Post.

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