Are Your iThings To Blame For Your Back Problems?

_55A0367Photographed by Mark Lantosca.
Calling in sick because of back pain is the stuff of middle-age and beyond, right? Not so, anymore. Turns out, young people in ages 18-24 actually lost, on average, 1.5 days of work more than older folks last year.
Out of the 3,000 adults who were surveyed, 84% of 18 to 24-year-olds reported experiencing back pain, especially lower back pain. Why, you ask? Well, it's likely the slumped back, hunched shoulders posture most associated with using phones and tablets is the culprit in this uptick in back pain among young and otherwise healthy people.
Young adults spend an astounding 8.83 hours per day in front of their digital devices — computers, phones, tablets — and all that leaning over is taking its toll.
We know our posture is super-important, so how can we counteract the effects of checking our email nonstop, day and night? First, be aware of it. When you're reading off your phone, try to keep it level with your face instead of held down near your chest. While it may take a little while to retrain yourself to hold your phone this way, it will help avoid the dreaded "iPosture." (New York Daily News)

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